New Yankee Workshop Episode 2101

In this episode (originally aired in 1997), building a planters desk, Norm used the following tools:

It was interesting to see some of the long gone tools from ten years ago—the DJ15, the DC33, the early mortiser and tenoning jig, and of course, the Laserlock miter saw. Also, the router table was his first one and had been built in the last episode of Season 8, thus this project was the first in which it was used. And how about that cordless Lamello, which only appeared in three episodes?

Items in bold represent the first appearance (in 1997) of that particular tool.

I just noticed (while processing this 2009 version) the Star OSS, which was actually first used in Episode 902, was visible in the background in this episode. I don't remember if that was possible in my HGTV version of this episode—I'll have to check. I did, it was, I'm an idiot. Right in the middle of the safety speech, behind the DJ-15, big as life. I don't know how I missed that.

Norm used a plain board clamped to the Unifence as a sacrificial fence.

The safety speech included video of a crosscut operation on the radial arm saw.

Field trip was to V & J Duncan Antique Maps, Prints, & Books, Savannah, Georgia.

New material for this project filmed on 16 July 2008.

This episode was processed based on the full length original broadcast by PBS.


Last updated: 12 January 2009