Delta DC-33 13" Planer

Thanks to my friend, Alan Threlfall for correcting my data on this tool.

Appearances: Episodes:

  1. 805, 806
  2. 901, 902, 904, 905, 906, 908, 910
  3. 9801, 9804, 9806, 9808

Last updated: 14 November 2013


Norm got this planer in the middle of Season 8. By the time I processed the episodes of that period it was probably five years later, so I naturally leapt to the conclusion that it was the then current DC-380 15" planer.

Well, as I was transcribing my VHS archive over to DVD (April 2007) I heard Norm say, “…13" planer…” at some point in Episode 904 (Tiger Maple Washstand). Ooops! In my defense, they are very similar looking. To that end, here is a table of the differences between the DC-33 and the DC-380:

  • the elevating crank (lever on the -33, wheel on the -380)
  • the switch (plain toggle on the -33, push button on the -380)
  • the cooling fins on the motor of the -380
  • the transmission directly attached to the motor on the -33—it’s on the opposite side on the -380
See? Easy, when you know them. I sure didn’t, back in the day.

Now, to return to text I originally had on the DC-380 page, but apropos here: When Norm tired of the portable planers, he got this big 13" brute. Actually there was a brief interlude with a Powermatic, but I imagine Delta didn’t care for seeing gold tools around the shop.