New Yankee Workshop Episode 1501

In this episode, building an improved router station, Norm used the following tools:

People will be asking, "where can I get the switch Norm used on the router table?" Rockler used to carry one that looks very much like it, but the link is now dead. Try looking for a Jet, Part # 994542. I bought one as cheap as about $12 once, but I see prices ranging from $21-29 quoted now.

Yes, Norm used two jigsaws, the Bosch and the P-C, in this episode.

The 43-188 shaper jig was featured but not actually demonstrated in this episode

And, yes, he used both Biesemeyer auxiliary fences.

He also used two different P-C 691s; one had the knob on the right (looking from the handle) and the other had the knob on the left. The one with the knob on the left has the older bright metal clamping screw, and the one with the knob on the right has the newer painted or coated clamping screw.

I don't know if Norm now has the new P-C 8529 that P-C re-engineered to replace the 7529. They are very difficult to tell apart (I haven't found a way yet), so I may never make the distinction. It's probably not that important.

The safety speech included video of an operation on the router table (finger slip).

No field trip this episode.

This episode was processed based on the full length original broadcast by PBS.


Last updated: 21 July 2007