New Yankee Workshop Episode 2003

In this episode, building the hot wall in the Kitchen Cabinets project, Norm used the following tools:

An infrequent no-new-tool episode.

The safety speech included video of an operation on the router table (wide board).

My identification of the P-C 693 should be expressed as a probability. However, one of the advantages of having viewed all of the episodes so many times is I get to notice really obscure details—such as the clear acrylic bases mounted on the P-C 691s (yes, plural), and the stock, black, seven hole bases on the 693s (and the rarely seen 690). So, yes, I'm calling that one a 693 because of the base and because that's what he usually uses with the Leigh jig, even though no distinguishing characteristic was ever in view (in next week's episode you get to see how wrong I may have been as we clearly see him using a 691 with a black base—on the Leigh…).

Odd—biscuits were clearly a major part of the project (attaching the face frame to the carcase), to the point that a router was demonstrated as an alternative method to make slots for biscuits in the carcase, yet none of the true biscuit joiners (Lamello, Porter-Cable, etc.) were demonstrated or even visible.

The framing square, assembly square, and Dosicol glue bottle were all visible and clearly were used but were not actually demonstrated in this episode.

Field trip was to Russ Morash's home in Massachusetts for the purpose of planning this phase of the overall project.

Project filmed 8, 9 May 2007.

This episode was processed based on the original broadcast by PBS.


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