New Yankee Workshop Episode 1802

In this episode, building plantation shutters, Norm used the following tools:

I noticed the tenoning jig was the newer design in this episode. It even has a different model number (34-184 vs 34-182/3). Since the function is identical and the appearance is so very similar, I won't bother with a separate listing.

Norm made a lot of jigs/fixtures for this project. A friend of this site often prepares nice vidcaps of various shop built items, but since these will clearly be one-off affairs I won't bother him for any.

In probably the rarest tool appearance in the history of DIY TV, Norm introduced us to letter size drill bits. These bits are most often (but still rarely) called for in drilling pilot holes for tapping threads in metal. Although it's easy to find them in three size sets (fractional, number size, letter size), one never sees them in individual sizes or sets outside of the specialty houses such as McMaster-Carr. Since I doubt he'll ever mention them again and it would be difficult to tell when he was using one, I won't include them in the list above.

The safety speech included video of an operation on the router table (wide board).

Field trip to the This Old House Greek Revival Farmhouse designer showcase, Carlisle, Massachusetts.

Project filmed 19 and 21 April 2005.

This episode was processed based on the full length original broadcast by PBS.


Last updated: 8 April 2007