New Yankee Workshop Episode 1602

In this episode, building a folding screen, Norm used the following tools:

Items in bold represent the first appearance of that particular tool.

Three new tools made their appearance in this episode.

I was alerted to the 22-580 planer almost nine months before the airing of this episode from watching the NYW webcam when the project was being produced.

This is the first time in five seasons that Norm has used a Quick-Grip.

Only the fourth appearance of the Yankee screwdriver—a true neanderthal tool.

The safety speech included video of an operation on the router table (finger slip).

Field trip was to Leigh Keno Antiques in New York. The Kenos are associated with Morash Productions.

Project filmed 6, 8 May 2003.

This episode was processed based on the original broadcast by PBS.


Last updated: 21 May 2007