Yankee Screwdriver

This was a surprise for me. Norm is noted for his power tools, although he does frequently use chisels, a block plane, hand saw, dovetail saw, etc. But a Yankee screwdriver? I didn't think anyone used these anymore. I haven't seen one since the hardware store I worked at in 1960. And it was not easy to find a picture!

I really couldn't tell (nor do I know the tool well enough to recognize) what brand or model he was using, but it looks very much like this one which is a Stanley #130.

Another surprise—while doing a run through of early seasons, I discovered that Norm used this in Episode 112 and 204. You couldn't actually see it in either one, but there was no mistaking the action and the sound once I knew (from later episodes) that he had one.

And in yet another viewing, I discovered he used it in Episode 103. Will I ever stop?

Appearances: Episodes 103, 112, 204, 1403, 1602

Last updated: 9 February 2010