New Yankee Workshop Episode 1913

In this episode, building a Window Bench, Norm used the following tools:

Part of the show included upholstery with the usual upholstery tools in evidence. In addition to the tack hammer, webbing stretcher, and upholstery stapler, Norm used a staple puller. Do I really need to make files for those specialty tools?

The credits were run over a night view of the west elevation of the shop instead of the usual daylight view.

This being the end of Season 19, is it appropriate to point out the Timesaver wide belt sander has become the elephant in the room? It hasn't been featured in a single episode since early 2005 (Episode 1704) nearly three full seasons ago.

The safety speech included video of an operation on the router table (wide board).

Field trip was to Gary Sullivan of Sharon, Massachusetts. Gary is part of the local PBS community near Boston and appears on Antiques Roadshow.

Project filmed 14, 16 November 2006.

This episode was processed based on the full length original broadcast by PBS.


Last updated: 11 April 2007