New Yankee Workshop Episode 401

In this episode, building a rolling shop cabinet, Norm used the following tools:

Items in bold represent the first appearance of that particular tool.

For the first three seasons, Norm spread glue using an old artist's brush. Beginning in this episode he began using disposable brushes.

Although the contractors saw was featured and was indeed the focus of the project, it was never actually used in this episode. The JetLock fence and original miter gauge similarly were not actually used.

The framing square was in view and clearly had been used, but it wasn't demonstrated in the HGTV version of this episode.

The welcome speech wasn't conducted next to the sign as usual. It featured the finished cabinet already under construction.

The safety speech included an overhead view of a ripping operation on the contractors saw with a push stick.

No field trip this episode.

This episode was processed based on a broadcast by HGTV.


Last updated: 21 April 2007