New Yankee Workshop Episode 309

In this episode, building a library table, Norm used the following tools:

An unusual no-new-tool episode.

Norm used a plain board screwed to the Biesemeyer as a sacrificial fence.

We were introduced to “Baltic birch” in this episode (although the actual flavor was Russian).

Norm also introduced the concept known as “burn an inch” (although he didn't call it that), wherein one lays down a dimension with a tape measure to one inch larger than the desired length, and then marks it off one inch from the end of the tape. This allows for dings or other insults or affronts incurred by the hook end of the tape measure which might cause inaccuracies were one to measure directly to the end.

The safety speech included video of a ripping operation with a push stick.

Field trip was to Wirthmore Antiques, New Orleans, Louisiana.

This episode was processed based on a broadcast by HGTV.


Last updated: 21 April 2007