Elu 2278 Biscuit Joiner


I despaired of ever getting a picture of the sidewinding Elu 2278, the tool with which Norm introduced us to biscuit joinery. My only hope was catching one on ebay some time, or getting a donated picture from a happy owner somewhere, which I did. A couple of ebay visits, however, have cast suspicion on the nomenclature I have given this tool. I have now seen it twice listed as a “3380”. No matter, really—it's clearly the same tool.

Elu tools are long gone, having been discontinued by Black & Decker, their parent. Some were absorbed by DeWalt, another of the B&D family. The 2278, never made the transfer, although the 3379, a more conventional biscuit joiner (and the one I have) is now the DW682.


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  2. 301, 304, 307, 309, 311, 313
  3. 412
  4. 501

Thanks to my friends John Lucas for providing the images, and Joe Salvo for some clarification on the nomenclature.

Last updated: 5 March 2009