New Yankee Workshop Episode 212

In this episode, building an English garden bench, Norm used the following tools:

Further amplifying my postulation that the production order is not the same as the broadcast order, Norm spent quite a bit of time describing the mortising attachment to the drill press and its operation, even though its first appearance was three episodes earlier with no fanfare whatsoever.

Norm introduced us to resorcinol resin glue.

The safety speech included video of an operation on the contractors saw.

Field trip was to London, UK, in front of the tower of Big Ben (trivia item—Big Ben is the name of the bell—one can't see it—consequently, what many people point out as Big Ben is in reality, the tower of Big Ben—Roger Miller had it exactly right). This Old House did a project there, aired in 1991, but underway in part of 1990, consequently no special trip was needed.

This episode was processed based on a broadcast by HGTV.


Last updated: 31 January 2008

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