New Yankee Workshop Episode 2007

In this episode, building an island in the Kitchen Cabinets project, Norm used the following tools:

Items in bold represent the first appearance of that particular tool.

For the first time, as I recall, Norm used foam balls (Space Balls™) to help position a panel in a frame-and-panel assembly. Not really a tool, so I haven't prepared a file for them.

Also in the no-separate-file category are the little plastic wedges Norm used to shim the door to the correct reveal. This is the first time I recall seeing them used, but they've been advertised on The New Yankee Workshop website for some time.

In addition (and complementary) to the wedges was a system—by Blum—for aligning and attaching the drawer faces (no regular documentation of its use contemplated, athough here's a descripton of the process with a graphic lifted from the Woodworker's Supply website).

The Dosicol glue applicator and the claw hammer were seen and had clearly been used but were not actually demonstrated in this episode.

The safety speech included video of an operation on the router table (wide board).

No field trip this episode, although reference was made to the wood supplier, Goodwin Lumber, an old friend of the show..

Project filmed 19, 21 June 2007.

This episode was processed based on the original broadcast by PBS.


Last updated: 24 February 2008

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