New Yankee Workshop Episode 1810

In this episode, building a storage shed, Norm used the following tools:

Items in bold represent the first appearance of that particular tool.

For only the second time that I can recall, Norm didn’t come out of the shop to do the introduction to the project. Instead, it was filmed inside, and in front of a computer at that.

Halfway into the episode it seemed as if the claw hammer and framing nailer were the only tools that were going to be used, and there were at least three different claw hammers used throughout.

Not a single Delta tool in this episode.

The hand saw was different than the one he has used before—it tapered to quite a narrow dimension at the tip. Don’t know what it is…not going to work very hard at finding out.

The protocol has long been that shooting is done in two days and the standing joke has long been, “now can Norm build a blurfl in only two days.” Well if you’re paying attention to the video it seems the time spilled over into a third day—mostly due to the rain. Note the shooting dates listed below.

Wade, the neighbor who works nights made an appearance. In reality, he is the grip/gaffer on the show.

The safety speech included video of an operation on the router table (wide board).

Field trip was a virtual visit to Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Project filmed 26, 29, 30 September 2005.


Last updated: 5 December 2007