Norm's Turning Chisels

Delta Chisels

Packard Chisels

Sorby Chisels

It hadn't been my intention to get into the more trivial tools such as lathe chisels until I had the question pop up in my own mind, so I figured I better put something in here.

Of course much of the turning Norm does is with his duplicator, which is a machine in itself, but on the occasions when turning chisels are used, you can usually see that they're Delta's chisels. However on the Wooden Bowl episode (1410) he used some Packard chisels, which are well regarded in the turning community.

I noticed in Episode 1706 (Lathe 101), that Norm now has some Sorby chisels, as well. They might have appeared earlier and I didn't notice, however.

At the moment, I don't have plans to chronicle all the episodes where they were used. If Norm used a lathe, he probably used a chisel.

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Last updated: 5 March 2009