Shopsmith Planer


This may have been the toughest tool to identify. There were only two appearances of this machine and the view was fleeting in both. It was very dark, almost black. In one view, although you couldn't see a brand, you could clearly see the words 12" Professional.

Then I recently happened across an ebay ad for a Shopsmith planer, which I didn't even think they made. And they call their 12" planer a Professional. I went back and looked at both episodes and took some pictures. The top one is the best I can do for an image from an episode (the view live on tape is much clearer). The bottom one is, let's say, more commercial.

The stance is the same and the profile appears to be about the same. The one in the bottom picture is positioned 180° from the top picture. Like the dust collector I had long misidentified, I'm convinced this is another of the short-lived Shopsmith tools Norm has used. And a visitor who owns one says I'm right.

Thanks to my friend, David Fine, a Shopsmith planer owner, who confirmed my identification.

Appearances: Episodes: 110, 205

Picture #1 is one of a series of tool pictures that, in the absence of any possibility of getting a picture of the quality of most of the tool pictures at this site, I had to resort to alternative measures.

I used my digital camera to photograph a TV image of an EP VHS replay of an HGTV broadcast of an episode in which it appeared. My apologies for the crappy picture, but it's better than nothing.

Last updated: 21 September 2005