Ryobi TFD220VR Cordless Drill

Appearances: Episode 512


I've been agonizing over this for five or six years. That's a lot of angst for a single appearance. As I said on a substitute page I had in place for a while, I labeled this once as a Ryobi, based on its color. Then, having seen several Ryobi cordlesses of the approximate vintage at flea markets, and none of them looking at all like this, I put up the substitute “Unknown Cordless Drill” page.

Now in a review of the episodes as I transfer them to DVD, I got another look and compared it to the picture at left (but the actual magazine picture, not the scan), and I'm now back in the Ryobi TFD220VR camp. Another argument is that its appearance coincided, within two episodes, with the appearance of the Ryobi TSS200 sliding compound miter saw.

Last updated: 19 April 2007