Peavy/Peavey—No, Peavey

Update: I don’t know if it’s possible to get more wrong in a description of a one-time tool than I did here. To begin with: a cant is a log that’s had at least one slab cut off at the mill. A cant hook is a tool used to turn it on the sled for the next cut. A peavey is similar although much more articulating and invented by a man named Joseph Peavey. Seems like we should at least be capitalizing it. In my defense, viz a vis spelling, apparently his and the tool’s name have been variously misspelled over the years, too. In any event, here’s a very interesting discussion of the whole subject:“Cant Hook or Peavey?”

Norm described this as sort of a peavey. I might also describe it as a cant. The short arm pivots on the long arm and the ends of both are pointed. By driving both points into two pieces of wood, one can pull the top of the long arm and lever the two pieces closer together.

He said he got it several years ago and didn’t remember where. My energetic friend below was able to track down a vendor for the Trojan Peavey Wall Mover. Their picture wasn’t markedly better than the one here, so I didn't bother to grab it.

Appearances: Episode 1810

Thanks to my friend, Rick Frye, for the video capture of Norm using the peavy, which was much better than mine and for the further information.

Last updated: 21 December 2014