Contractor's 100' Tape


Norm was in Umbria, Italy, and found the Monastery Table (Episode 0112). He was stuck without his trusty 25 footer, but he apparently borrowed a metric long tape—akin to our 100 footer—so he could measure it up.

Since I’ve never really been able to find an image of the actual one, I’ve elected to fall back on a vid cap. Because my later episodes were recorded direct to DVD from LP VHS tapes, the screen captures are much better. How good do they have to be for something that was only in one episode? And, since it was borrowed locally whilst overseas, will certainly never be seen again.

Update: While reviewing this page, I decided to give it one more shot—perhaps with different search strings. I won’t bore you with the variations, but I will post this pic, which I think, if not the exact tape, is almost certainly from the same manufacturer, perhaps of a different generation. The company is Archeo Staff and they’re an Italian company which provides specialty tools for archeologists.

Appearance: Episode 0112

Last updated: 12 December 2015