Norm's Compressors

Since Norm's air system is virtually invisible, I've never worked hard at documenting the compressor(s) over the years. I think you could catch a glimpse of a small one in one or two episodes, but it was fleeting and not identifiable. I had also always suspected there was a bigger machine supplying shop air somewhere in the mechanicals area (back by the dust collector).

Well, thanks to a reader, I've learned a couple of things and have pictures to show for it. According to The New Yankee Workshop's website, Norm started out with a pancake compressor (top left), then graduated to a 2 HP side stack (top right), which was eventually supplanted by a 25 gallon vertical tank compressor. The latter (bottom) has been named specifically as a Porter-Cable, but the other two are anonymous. P-C is a good guess, however.

I don't assert these to be the actual models, but are merely representative of the style and size of the described compressors. They are also not to scale.

Thanks to my friend Tony Haukap for spurring me to action on the long overdue compressor page.

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Last updated: 16 June 2006