Mystery Buffer

Appearances: Episode 804

Last updated: 21 December 2014


Update:I was just reviewing my Norm’s Tools and was reminded of this canker on my list of tools. I went to teh google and did some more creative searching, this time with “Black & Decker” as my initial search string. It’s ironic, because an early iteration of this particular page suggested a B&D provenance. Well, pay dirt. It appears to be a B&D 9531 (left, at top). I’ll leave my original text and the vid cap (at bottom), but, so far as I’m concerned, there’s no question and I’m closing the book on this one.

Original description

This only appeared one time, and I’ve not seen one exactly like it anywhere, despite a lot of searches. This picture is a vid cap of the actual sander. of a Black & Decker buffer/polisher, and the shape looks somewhat like the one in the episode, but I don't think it's exactly it. I still have no idea of the brand. My impression was that it was a homeowner version rather than the pro grade tools Norm usually uses.

Odd, too, that it followed only a couple of episodes after the Porter-Cable 7401 buffer/polisher used in the Chestnut Coffee Table project (Episode 802), and the Makita-like sander (and buffer/polisher) in the High Chair project (Episode 611) a little over a year earlier.