Norm's Shop

What a great illustration! Although there are some inaccuracies, such as the placement of the spindle sander (#2) which is almost always located in the vicinity of the router table and the dust collector (#13) which is practically out of sight behind the wall it's shown in front of. At least this will help people better visualize the shop and its orientation. And by the way, the sliding barn door is on the west facade.

Norm's wood stash was along the north wall and grew increasingly intrusive until (in real time) presumably the Spring of 1998. Around that time, the lumber storage unit in the rear of the shop was probably added, as the inside rack had disappeared and the TimeSavers wide belt sander was in its place for the Old Pine Hutch project (Episode 9904). Supposition on the time frame is based on recent seasons in which the 4th episode is typically filmed in May.

Thanks to my friend Tom, who sent me this graphic. Neither he nor I know its source (that was in February, 2004).

Addendum a year later. Well, duh. Right on the picture it says Nina Coles. Anyway, my sharp eyed and energetic friend, Brad Clapp, did some digging and found Nina Coles Architectural Models in Arlington, Massachusetts. She has done some work for This Old House, also.

Last updated: 04 March 2009