Ratchet and Sockets

Adjustable Wrench

Although I've considered doing a page on wrenches for some time, I only recently started collecting images and thoughts to render a page about them. Norm has used several types of wrenches—mostly either sockets (and rachet) or an adjustable (Crescent™) wrench.

I don't plan to make a special trip through the episodes to collect them all, but as I notice them I'll chronicle them. I won't, however, differentiate betweeen them—after all, a nut tightener is a nut tightener. Having said that, there are also box-end, open-end, and combination wrenches which are all part of the nut/bolt tightening family of tools.

Appearances: Lots of them

Box-end Wrench

Open-end Wrench

Combination Wrench

Last updated: 1 April 2009