Ulmia European Style Workbench

I don't know why I had never mentioned this tool before. Norm has had the Ulmia workbench from the very beginning. In recent episodes it's been replaced by the shop built assembly table built in episode 1407, but it's still hiding back by the stairs, out of sight of most of the TV production.

I cobbled the top picture together out of the view from the NYW website Shop Tour, and just like my real shop, I had to clean off the work bench, but with PaintShop Pro, in this case.

Ulmia was out of business for a while; however, apparently they were purchased and word is they are back at it.

I found a website for them and stole a picture. You can clearly see the lines of the new bench are the same as the old (save, perhaps, the actual dimensions); you can even see the circular logo set into the front edge of the top.

Appearances: Episodes 101-

Last updated: 31 January 2004