Timesavers Wide Belt Sander


When I first saw this on NYW, I was embarrassed. Up to that point, I was naively viewing the shop and the show as something attainable for all of us. My tool acquisitions demonstrate that.

But when this $10,000 machine showed up, it was sort of like when I found out about Santa Claus.

And for those who still believe in Santa Claus, disregard.


Appearances: Episodes

  1. 9904, 9905, 9906, 9907, 9908, 9910, 9911
  2. 1206, 1208
  3. 0111
  4. 1406, 1408, 1413
  5. 1512
  6. 1704

I'm very proud of these pictures because they represent a significant amount of PaintShop Pro editing. The Delta DC-380 planer used to be in front of the Timesaver.

Last updated: 8 February 2008