ShopSmith 6x48 Sanding Machine

Ah, the magic of ebay. On a whim, I did a search on ShopSmith sander and came up with these pictures (center, right above). I compared the grainy, crappy vidcap of the actual sander (left above) which I had been using to describe this tool, and look what happened. Note the boss on the side at the top, the two caps on the side, the slant and shape of the table tilt bracket, and what appears to be the end of the drive shaft which sticks out the side. If that's not a match, I don't know what is.

I didn't notice what Norm was using for power. I think there are stand alone motors available for these accessories—they don't have to run off the main ShopSmith motor, I don't believe. For those who don't know, the 6 refers to the width of the sanding belt, and the 48 refers to the belts which are usually 48" long.

I believe this concludes the search for machines which I had heretofore been unable to identify.

Appearances: Episodes 110, 112, 211, 311

Last updated: 23 March 2007