Shop Built Shelf Pin Jig

This is Norm’s shop built shelf pin template. He actually built this template based on the MEG in Episode 9904, which he used in two subsequent episodes (9911, 1213).

He built this version in the second Jigs & Fixtures episode (0102). this one refined the template to eliminate fussiness needed in using the original template. It was only used two more times, in Episodes 0111 and 1713. Subsequently, the Drill-Rite 32mm jig was used, beginning in Episode 1809, although it, too, was short lived.

A MEG clone jig, complete with locating pins and clamps showed up on the shop wall at some point, although I’m unaware of when he built it, nor can I recall any time he ever used it. This is actually the bottom of the jig—the toggle clamps fix the jig in place, but are under the work. The diagonal rows of holes are for dowels to fix the distance of the jig holes from the edge of the work.

Appearances: Episodes:

  1. 9904, 9911
  2. 1213
  3. 0102, 0111
  4. 1713

Thanks to my friend, Dimitrios Fradelakis, for illuminating some inconsistencies in my work on this page and spurring me to further research.

Last updated: 3 February 2016