Stanley #92 Rabbet Plane

Apparently, the shape of a #93 knockoff isn't cast in stone, nor is the location of the model number, as can be seen in these examples.

It's always fun to see Norm using hand tools, because after all, his name is the antithesis of hand tools. In woodworking circles you're either a neanderthal (or galoot) or a normite. That describes your predilection for hand tools or power tools.

I've only seen him use this Stanley #92 plane a few times, but it's enough to make me want one. By the way, you could clearly see the “92” in one of the episodes, so it's definitely not the similar looking #93.

Appearances: Episode 9806, 1206, 1705, 1811, 1911

Last updated: 14 May 2009