Porter-Cable Razor Carbide Saw Blade


I knew there was something odd about this blade when I saw it on my first run-through of the episode (1808), but didn't stop to investigate. It caused a minor stir on the wreck (rec.woodworking newsgroup), so I looked further. Interesting concept of variable pitched teeth. I'll note it here, but won't bother with further chronicling.

Er, uh, I was just reviewing some NYW episodes and I see that the blade was used one episode earlier, Router 101, Part II (and well worn already). How did I miss that?

Ack! It's even worse. Upon further review, it seems to have appeared as early as 1801. I'm an idiot.

Thanks to my friends, Keith Stark and Leon for raising my awareness and information on this blade.

Appearances: Episode 1801, etc.

Last updated: 18 May 2007