Hitachi P12R Planer/Jointer


Hitachi made both a P12RA planer/jointer, and a P12R which was just a planer. The first appearance with Norm was clearly a P12RA. Subsequent appearances looked like a P12R. When I noticed on one of the tool sale websites that the jointer is easily removable for transport, I suspected what looks like a P12R is really a P12RA with the jointer removed. Here, look at both of them, anyway.

The Hitachi replaced the Makita planer and was in turn replaced by the Powermatic planer. I doubt Norm would dump the whole 'RA just because of a sponsor's new jointer (the DJ15 arrived in the middle of the P12's appearances). I think he just took the jointer part off the planer.

Appearances: Episodes

  1. 506, 508, 510
  2. 609, 610, 611

Last updated: 11 September 2005