Miter Box


Norm used a manual tool? Sure he does, now and again. The delicate sash moldings he was cutting for the screens in the gazebo project called for a gentle touch.

Nobex, Jorgensen, and Stanley all make several models of a similar looking miter box, and while I originally thought it might be a Nobex, I reconsidered that it could have been a Jorgie or a Stanley. But now, with a better view from the webcast and more information from the web, I’m leaning back to the Nobex, which makes me quite the flip-flopper on the issue. Complicating things was the fact he apparently had the handle removed, as seen below:

So, I’m back where I started, with Nobex (model 110 pictured here). Whatever make it is, the form is very similar to the others and the function is identical. In any event, I spent too much time on a tool that only appeared once.

Appearance: Episode 711

Last updated: 6 August 2011