Heat Gun

To be honest, I initially identified this as a Milwaukee because of the red. However, Milwaukees don’t have the round, hair dryer shape, and they’re actually not red very often, either. Searching the ’net, I found heat guns with a shape (and color) more like what was shown.

The one at top left is made by Master Appliance, although I don’t know that it’s the one Norm used. Since it only appeared a couple of times I’m not going to be anal about really figuring out whose it was. I just wanted to provide a reasonable representation of what the tool looked like.

Most of them seem to have been made by a common manufacturer and then dressed out in different livery (the Bosch at middle left, for example, seems identical, except for a blue body). Don’t let the angle of the plate fool you—it’s adjustable. In fact, I suspect it’s removable. In the appearance in Episode 1906, it wasn’t attached at all.

Well, update. Thanks to a fan who ferreted out an actual Milwaukee in this style, I’m back at square one. I’ll have to break out my DVDs and see if I can narrow the field. In any event, here’s another image to look at.

Thanks to my friend for pointing me to this tool.

Appearances: Episodes 9902, 9906, 1906

Last updated: 2 December 2014