Elu or Black & Decker Router

Thanks to my friend, Joseph Jetton, for the information on the Elu router.

Episodes 101, 106, 108, 110, 111, 112, 113

Last updated: 21 April 2007


I had been using a picture of a Dewalt 610, which is what the Elu became after Black & Decker absorbed Elu and changed their models over to the Dewalt marque. However, a chance encounter on ebay yielded this photo of a Black & Decker Professional router, which is virtually identical to the Elu. Just strike out the Black & Decker and insert Elu. It even has the same wavy top shown here. There's a rack & pinion height adjustment on the back side. Elu's model number was 2727.

Frankly, I'm no longer convinced they even were Elu, given the B & D parentage. There's every possibility they were B & D Professional to begin with. I'm especially persuaded of that since reviewing Episode 101, which indicated, “thanks to Black & Decker.” Whichever they were, they didn't last much beyond the 1st season with the exception of the 2278 biscuit joiner and the corded drill.