Delta DC-380 15" Planer

Thanks to my friend, Alan Threlfall for correcting my data on this tool.


Ooops! Norm got this big 15" brute later than I thought he did.

Update!…but earlier than I had previously reported. Thanks to a fan, I was enlightened that I had missed the earlier original appearance.

First he had a DC-33 13" planer—I never noticed. It was hard to catch the change, as the first -380 (there have been at least two) had the same melamine infeed/outfeed tables as the -33. That one could be seen in the background as late as Episode 1707. The new one with the rollers in the tables (as pictured here) was visible as early as Episode 1801.

The differences between the two planers—besides the obvious knife width—is:

  • the elevating crank (lever on the -33, wheel on the -380)
  • the switch (plain toggle on the -33, push button on the -380)
  • the cooling fins on the motor of the -380
  • the transmission directly attached to the motor on the -33—it’s on the opposite side on the -380
See? Easy, when you know them. I sure didn’t, back in the day.

Appearances: Episodes:

  1. 9812, 9813
  2. 9902, 9903, 9910, 9912
  3. 1203, 1210
  4. 0104, 0105
  5. 1403, 1401, 1403
  6. 1509
  7. 1811 (first use of DC-380 with roller tables as pictured above)
  8. 1902, 1903

Last updated: 14 November 2013