Coping Saw

Appearances: Episodes

  1. 610
  2. 811
  3. 913
  4. 1813
  5. 1907

It's sort of a manual bandsaw, and it's named for the operation it does best—coping the ends of molding. A coped joint is preferred to a miter joint on inside corners of molding.

Featured (but not used) in Episode 610 (Alphabet Wagon), I missed it in several viewings of Episode 811 (Garden Shed & Recycling Center, Part Two), and I missed it even coincident with an excellent demonstration of coping in Episode 913 (Fireplace Mantle), so I shouldn't have been surprised to see this on NYW in the 18th season thinking Norm hadn't used one before. It's not like he hasn't installed molding, after all. We've seen it on This Old House, of course.

Last updated: 18 May 2007