Router Contour Guide


Norm used this to enable a non-bearing router bit to form a cove on a curved piece. It was an application not encountered that often, plus we got to see a new process and its associated tool.

Tracking this down wasn’t easy—it took me over ten years to finally get what I think is the actual part, but I’m very confident this is it. We never sleep here at NormsTools—literally, this has kept me up nights…

The top photo is a vid cap I finally got around to grabbing and my latest search netted the gadget in the bottom photo (viewed from the opposite direction—the knurled knob is buried under Norm’s hand). I feel pretty good that we’re looking at the actual thing. Part #123022-4, if you need one.

Oh, I had the episode # wrong, too, all these years. Fixed.

Appearances: Episode 203

Last updated: 22 December 2014