Hitachi C10RA

Thanks to my friend, Alan Threlfall for discovering this tool and alerting me about it.

Appearance: Episode 1908


Well, this is awkward. This website has been up since forever, and while I’m proud that there are few holes, there are still some. In mid-November 2013 I received notice from a fan and have followed up with this posting.

In 2007, Norm hosted a two part program entitled Table Saw 101 in which he described all manner of table saws, from simple, portable bench tops to full sized cabinet saws. The latter, of course, was represented by the show’s anchor, the Delta Unisaw. I had been unable to identify the bench top saw he featured, so lazily surmised it was a Delta (good choice, since they're a sponsor). I should have looked harder.

Upon reviewing the episode (and with information contained in the email) it became clear that the saw was actually a Hitachi C10RA. Duh. Norm had used other Hitachi tools, so the marque was no stranger. And the big clue (ex post facto) was Norm had borrowed the saw from fellow This Old House cast member Tom Silva, who purportedly had a dozen or so on various job sites. Upon further review, the famous black obfuscating tape was visible, as well.

So, I found a nice image and crafted this new page.

Last updated: 14 November 2013