Brass-backed Backsaw

Thanks to my friend, Tom Sweeney, who provided the picture, and to my friend, Scott Burr, who identified the saw as a Tyzack.

Appearances: Episodes:

  1. 103, 110, 112
  2. 407
  3. 506, 508, 511
  4. 606
  5. 706
  6. 903
  7. 1111
  8. 1206
  9. 1405, 1411, 1412
  10. 1509, 1510

It's always interesting to see Norm use a hand tool, particularly one as nice as this brass backed saw. This is a Tyzack, which I'm told is what Norm actually uses.

Although he calls this a back saw, it is probably more correctly a tenon saw, and although he uses it to trim the ends of tenons to fit breadboards, it is actually supposed to be used for making the shoulder or cheek cuts (depending on the grind of the teeth) of a tenon in a neanderthal world.

Last updated: 24 April 2007