White's AutoScan™ Metal Detector

Appearances: Episodes:

  1. 801, 802, 804
  2. 905
  3. 9804
  4. 9904
  5. 1210
  6. 0111

Thanks to my friends, Tom Magyar and especially Clinton Brantley for the help in identifying this tool.


The identity of this tool is one of the most often asked questions on the NYW webpage. Frustratingly, they only refer people to the yellow pages. Unfortunately, they're so circumspect about it, I initially made the wrong identification.

Apparently that error was the subject of some discussion on a woodworking forum, and my misdiagnosis was brought to my attention. With the help of Clinton Brantley (who did the real detective work) I now have it straight.

What I first identified as a Garrett detector, turns out to be this one, White's AutoScan. Of course the garish letters are masked over on NYW, so you have to use your imagination.

Last updated: 24 April 2007