Bosch 159x Jigsaw



It had to happen. Bosch redesigned their legendary jigsaw with a quick release blade chuck and it was inevitable that it would show up in The New Yankee Workshop. The first episode I saw it in was 1708. As you can see, everything forward of the blue parts is virtually identical, so it was impossible to tell which saw, the 1590 top handle or the 1591 barrel handle, was in use from the perspective we saw, so I'll wait until I get a better view before I pin it down. In the meantime, here is a picture of each.

Well, we never saw it again after these two appearances. I suspect that was partly the result of the B & D takeover of Porter-Cable/Delta. The P-C jigsaw made a few desultory appearances, but the mighty 1584 rose like the Phoenix in the 20th Season to remain king of the jigsaws.

Appearances: Episode 1708 1803

Last updated: 6 March 2009