Episode Number Explanation

  • There has been a strange mix of how episodes have been numbered. The original system is explained below. For now I'll retain that original system.

    The episode numbers in the guide at the New Yankee Workshop website are now all based on the season number, which I think they should have to begin with. However, the last time I looked, the plan numbers still followed the old episode numbering system.

    Well, that was written in September, 2001. We're now halfway through the 2002 season and guess what? The numbering system has changed...again! All the episodes and all the plan numbers from 1998 on are now based on the year. I'm still retaining the season number in my episode guide.

    This is hilarious. Today, 11 January 2003, I viewed the first episode of the 15th season. At the NYW website, what do you think they numbered that episode as? You'd never guess. Not in a million years. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but believe it or not, it's 1501; 15th season, episode one. Just like they've done and undone time and time again. On the website they still have the silly year numbering for 2000 through 2002, though. I'm glad I kept my system intact. Maybe someday one of them will read this website and change back to the rational approach that has served me so well. Hah!

    January, 2005. Not that I care, because my system is cast in stone, but during the last two years, they seem to have achieved some consistency. They're still doing the year system (2002>02xx system) for the episode guide and for ordering plans (although for the 2000 season the plans are numbered 12xx), but when you click on the 2005 season link you'll see episodes 1701 through 1713. Frankly, unless something momentous happens, like they contact me for advice, I don't think I'll even chronicle it anymore; my sides hurt too much.

    April, 2009. I'm not even reviewing the foregoing. I just wanted to point out, with regard to numbering, my satellite provider uses a service which supplies program notes and applies episode numbers (not just to TNYW) in a mysterious, undecipherable manner. As stated elsewhere, the project name is really the safest method by which to search and/or track episodes.

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